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Does ‘freedom’ actually exist in our current society?

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

The word freedom is a fascinating word because it has many meanings under the same umbrella, such as freedom of speech, freedom of movement of persons, freedom to love, freedom to choose. But if we take a step back and question what is actually free, we come to a dead end.

Because let’s face it, living isn’t free, so how can we call it ‘freedom’ when it is costly to live, survive, eat, and sleep?

But that is talking about monetary (money) type of freedom, one can argue that is financial freedom. But what does ‘actual’ freedom look like? And do we as the people in the west have this said freedom?

In short, the answer is no. Sadly we live in a society across the globe not just the West with a perspective of freedom that is largely delusional, an illusion of freedom.

A famous philosopher Rousseau once said; ‘’man was born free and everywhere he is in chains’’

He perfectly illustrates how we were all born free; free of judgement, free of norms, free of expectations, free of society's standards, laws, rules and regulations...but everywhere we are in chains; from what our parents expect from us, what society expects from us, the strain of laws, rules and regulations force upon us, and of course the financial burden one must carry from the moment of adulthood.

The reality is this, our beloved Earth has everything it requires for human beings like all living beings to live, breath, eat and sleep in comfort without a single penny. But somehow long ago, everything was monetarized, where basic necessities that use to be free within loving communities/tribes now became a privilege for the very few.

Then the birth of religion came as a form of power of the people through fear, fear of the Romans, the Church, the Mosque, the religious leaders and of course Satan, the devil himself who threatened to burn you in hell for an eternity should you deter from following the new set of rules that even now dictates modern day slavery.

Stemming from religion was the birth of capitalism, creating an even further divide between people, with harsher dividends, hunger, suffering, homelessness became this normality in society. I mean when was the last time you saw a homeless man or women on the streets and didn’t batter an eyelid?

Along the lines of our cruel history, egos were fed to believe they may be superior to others because of their societal position, or financial position or even their class devision. We forgot that we are all flesh and bones seeking to love and survival. We forgot who we are. Now we seek this never-ending materialistic possession to feed the void that spiritual bankruptcy has caused.

Most of us spent our entire life time, working, buying, eating unhealthy processed foods that are highly addictive, destroying our health only to receive unnatural unhealthy almost ‘bodged’ medical care so we can carry on just a few more years on the rat race before we are dying before our time with a terrifying blindness of where we are going. Which is the only destination that matters, the only destination that is certain in life; death, and yet we know nothing about it because we were too busy buying the next new iPhone, and along the way we get taxed on every cent several times, theft in broad day light all in the name of the people in charge of this catastrophe.

So, let me ask you, where is the freedom in that?

I was 27 years old when I started to question everything, some years have passed now and I have reached a place of living in harmony within nature, unlearning or un-programming what this world has taught me since young. As a Buddhist I am devoted to saving all the beings on this Earth. Part of my practise is living by the principle of non-harm. Living within Dharma (Buddha’s Teachings) and living within the rules of Karma. And of course, I am vegan as a result.

My spiritual journey has brought me to understand that material goods, are not the source of happiness or the purpose of my living. For some time now I have been applying Minimalism into my lifestyle, purchasing only essential items that I may need and curbing my greed, ego and desire, but instead finding happiness, freedom and contentment in nature, in the moment, in the present, being absolutely in the here and now.

I have come to understand my freedom relies on my own state of mind, those that think they can change the world but don’t have to change their minds are naive. The world can be changed with thought and thoughts alone.

Buddha once said ‘’The reason for our Grief is our attraction towards an object, that object is destructible, so where does that leave us?’’

Our suffering comes from our attachments to impermanent objects, anything that comes into existence is also destructible and will be destroyed and decayed one day, such as your house, car, dog or even your wife/son/ daughter or husband. So instead of possessing an object how about we live in the present, in the now, enjoy every moment without a single thought of tomorrow and when the time comes, let the object go without attachment.

I know what I have talked about in this article is a hard concept to grab, but if you can take away one thing from this is this;

· Live in the moment.

· Cherish memories not possessions

· Meditate every day- knowledge comes from education but consciousness comes from meditation.

· Love everything and everyone without expectations- as love is our medicine.

· Answer every call that excites your spirit

And finally, but most importantly; free yourself from the shackles of your own thoughts.

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