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Rekolekcje Uzdrowiciela Ziemi


 Follow us on Instagram to keep up-to-date with retreat dates! 

Retreat €45

Ceremony Circle €15 

Buy the ticket value of the retreat you wish to attend.

For dates check instagram @ehmedicinewoman

100% of proceeds are for Earth Healer Animal Sanctuary

Retreat & Ceremony  €60

Day Retreat  €95

Welcome to the retreat page; We hold several retreats throughout the year the best way to keep up to date with the retreat updates is to follow us on instagram @ehmedicinewoman and subscribe to this website.


The retreats funds the Animal Sanctuary as Lay Buddhists we are not allowed to profit from sacred practices, thus 100% of the funds go to our rescue farm. Location 25 mins from Loughrea County Galway

In the summer retreats are held on the sanctuary where you get to pet and greet the rescue animals. However we hold evening cacao ceremonies with drum circles, yoga and group meditations, sometimes we hold water ceremonies and live music too all year round. Below is pictures of the some of the retreats.

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