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Dr Sepi Sefy PhD the director and founder of EH Naturopathic Practice has been practising Holistic Massage therapies since 2010 after qualifying at Abingdon College in Oxford, England, during this time Dr.Sefy also went on to study an LL.B in Law with International Relations at University of Portsmouth as well as Post Graduate Degree in Conveyancing and Litigation Cilex, and Qualified as a Legal Executive Lawyer, during this time Dr. Sefy also completed and graduated from Yogic School for Yoga Teachers in 2013. After having qualified as a Lawyer Dr.Sefy felt that law was not in line with her spiritual belief of Buddhism. 


The noble 8 fold path dictated by Buddha states one must live with the 'Right Livelihood' Dr Sefy felt that the Path of Healing the Earth was a better way forward to fur-filing the quest of spiritual life, so she sold all her belongings and her home in the UK and bought a farm in West of Ireland and she started the Earth Healer Animal Sanctuary where over 100 animals have been saved since 2017.  


Sadly her mother fell ill with an fibrotic tumour of the womb and disillusioned with Western medicine proposed treatment which would have resulted in loss of quality of life, Dr. Sefy embarked on a journey to heal her mother with natural medicine which induced the passion of working with Nature, astonished by the Doctors 4 months of application of herbs her mother had made a full recovery. 


Dr.Sefy went on to study  Eastern Medicine & Ayurveda from Tehran School of Traditional Herbal Medicine as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine. There onwards she gained an attunement in Reiki Mastery and Completed a Doctorate at Madrid University in Phytotherapy & Herbology. 


Dr Sefy an animal rights and environment activist regularly delivers speeches and teachings on zero waste lifestyle, clean eating, health matters and frequently delivers Dharma teachings on the power of the mind and Holistic living. Some speeches are accessible on Youtube. 


Teamed up with Milan Sobani who has extensive knowledge of pharmaceutical drugs with a  BA in Pharmacology, 2 years in Pharmacy, Masters Degree in Chemical Sciences and a Masters Degree in Cancer Research the EH Naturopathic Practise was born.  

EH Naturopathic Practise aims to Heal all living beings, coming from a background in buddhist belief, we believe, we are all one, when we heal you, we heal ourselves. When you are sick, we are sick too. We treat every case like you are family and walk with you every step of the way until you are healed. 

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