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Earth Healer Animal Sanctuary Farm 

Earth Healer Animal Sanctuary was founded in 2017 by Dr. Sepi Sefy who had a deep understanding of animals, and felt their pain, as a Lay Buddhist who took her vows seriously, Dr. Sefy wanted to make a change for the animals as well as the people of Earth. 

The animals found their way to the sanctuary one by one over the past years, each with unique stories and character. All of which have healed and continue to live a life of peace and free from harm. See their stories below. 

Dr. Sefy continues to rescue animals and grow the sanctuary.

The sanctuary is solely funded by yoga classes and holistic retreats. 

to take part of healing the animals and the Earth,  come along to any of the yoga classes and/or retreats and try a vegan lifestyle. 

Our Animals: About

Our Rescued Animal Family



Floppy ear

Sage is our tiny little bundle of joy, he enjoys strawberries, blueberries and anything sweet! loves cuddles and sometimes actively sit in his hutch waiting for his lunch time cuddles.


Mamma Donkey

Poncho was surrendered by a farmer who no longer wanted her, at a tender age of 9 months she arrived in my care. unknown to me or anyone else, she was 1 month pregnant and gave birth a whopping 13 months after she had arrived! yes! donkeys stay pregant for up to 14 months! her baby named Bambino is 2 days old in this picture.


Yogi and Baja

The Rams

These two best buddies have been on the rescue farm as our daredevils! They are best friends, and spend all their time with each-other, playing, eating sleeping , they even cuddle together when they sleep. they have their own little house but share some of their day with the donkeys and pony and sometimes even the doggies!

Our Animals: Team Members

Baby Maggie

Maggie was rescued at a tender age of 1 day old from a nearby farm. She was so young she had her umbilical cord still attached to her. She was initially raised indoors with her new mommy for about 8 weeks! whilst wearing nappies! when the weather turned warmer she then moved outside. she loves her brothers and sisters and we are super excited to have her in her forever home. 



The African Pygmy Hedgehog

This little girl, the sleepiest person you will ever know! yep! she sleeps 95% of her time and needs to be physically woken up sometimes to make sure she eats and exercises, hedgehogs sleep majority of their time and wake up during the night to forage for food as they are nocturnal animals. She enjoys little snuggles with mommy on the sofa whilst watching a romantic comedy!



Senior member- Jack Russell

Chocolate now 12 years old, is the most affectionate and loving animal on the farm, in this picture chocolate is enjoying a relaxing holiday by the river whilst camping. Chocolate is 86 years old in dog years!


The Chucks!


These little girls came into our care after they were used as caged battered hens, days before being sent to slaughter we were lucky enough to be able to safe them. now they spend their days walking around, causing trouble and eating all the lovely plants we have ever  planted in the farms front garden. they have their own house and run but are allowed to roam freely and safely during daytime hours.

Our Animals: Team Members


Baby Donkey

Born unexpectedly on the morning of 6th of may 2020, a white little fury bundle of joy, this little boy enjoys running around causing trouble! loves attention and roars like a lion!



Bouncer is the bravest little man we have ever met! he has no trouble going up to the donkeys a million times bigger than him for a little chat about who's boss around here! bouncer loves his own company and often stays in the house alone to snooze in peace.




She might be short and small but she has a personality of an elephant! she is playful, but weary as she hasn't had a great up bringing, but she does love her daily cuddle times and she enjoys her pony Reiki and Massage days too!

Our Animals: Team Members



Chai is a beautiful shiny brown colour bunny which blends in so nicely when he plays in the grass. He is fast and playful but does enjoy sleep time on your lap!



The farms most timid and docile security officer. yep! she will lick you to death! Whiskey has been succesfulyl making friends with everybody on the farm including the chickens. she relaxes and plays with the sheepies, donkeys and even the pony!



Black Widdow Spider

I know crazy concept! but we left the best till last! this is Margo, she has been living in the farm house for a year now and has successfully become part of the family. we consider all life to be equal and important to the ecological system and margo is no different!

Our Animals: Team Members


Black Widdow Spider

I know crazy concept!  This is Margo, she has been living in the farm house for a year now and has successfully become part of the family. we consider all life to be equal and important to the ecological system and margo is no different!


Rescue Sheep

Daisy was found malnourished, injured, bleeding and very lonely by Sepi who then negotiated her rescue with the farmer. Daisy was then brought to Earth Healer's Rescue Farm where she received medical attention and healed slowly over few weeks whilst meeting her new family! she is now in her forever home with her new brothers and sisters!



Rescue kitten 

Simba was found on the streets at a tender age of 6 weeks old, crying out for her mother. luckily the lovely man that found her gave her to us, and now she has a big family, and a lovely big farm to run around in causing trouble! 


Rescue kitten 

Shakti was born in a persons shed, as a stray kitten, sadly some of her siblings died and the person who found her managed to find a home for one of her siblings, and Shakti was the only one left behind. As the person who found her was allergic to cats, she couldn't bring her in the house and shakti was then brought to our sanctuary, she suffered from cat flu and severe ear, nose and eye infection  she was treated successfully by our vet and is now living her life in peace and love with her new family. Her name means Devine feminine energy, because this kitten is the most fearless and yet affectionate cat we have ever seen!


Didge & Doo

The rescue pigs

Meet the boys Didge and Doo, they are truly the funniest pare of friends on the  farm, not only do they play fight ALL THE TIME but they actively 'speak' to their humans as well with a range of sounds, if you ever have the pleasure of meeting them we promise you, you probably wouldn't want to leave!! Didge & Doo were rescued prior to being sent to slaughter. 

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