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Accredited Certification in Crystal Healing Course

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Get a certificate by completing the program.


This exciting and comprehensive course on Crystal Healing will teach you everything you need to know about the power of crystals and how to employ them as well as learning Energy centres, Chakra system, Kundalini Energy and Auric fields. Students will learn how to begin using crystals, what to look for in a crystal, the meaning of each crystal, and how to incorporate crystal healing into their daily lives. the Crystal Healing Course teaches students how crystals grow and the systems, shapes, and structures that make them up. Students investigate crystal healing and how the colour of a crystal affects its restorative properties. The course covers how to care for your crystals. Students are shown techniques for purifying and cleansing stones, activating and devoting them, and attuning, programming, and providing them with intent, as well as techniques for activating and dedicating them. The Crystal Healing Course teaches students how to care for their crystals, including how to store, respect, and venerate them, as well as how to ground and centre crystals. By the last weeks lesson, students will have a thorough comprehension of crystals and will be introduced to the more common stones, gemstones, and healing crystals. The therapeutic properties, colours, meanings, associated properties, and correspondences with other disciplines are discussed for each item.

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