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A Message from the Extraterrestrials

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

This blog is based on the book Passport to the Cosmos by Dr John E. Mack M.D, a psychiatrist who spend the best part of 10 years doing a study all over the world with (who he calls) experiencers, which are people who claim to be abducted by aliens or the ‘greys’ as often referred to by the abductees.

Having carefully studied the book and all of the stories the experiencers experienced I have come to find that the general message the UFO’s give to the people whom which they have encountered is greatly coherent. The general messages are all the same, that this Earth is known as the ‘jewel’ of the Universe and that human beings are short of taking care of the Mother Land. That we are far from keeping our Planet healthy.

Our story goes something like this;

A cosmic explosion which all matter/energy emerged (Big Bang), and simultaneously everything we now know came into existence. Human beings coming to existence with the help of a spiritual divine force or ‘Source’ which we managed to keep some sort of connection too. We developed a consciousness, a self awareness, which is a difference to the other species on this planet. We came to understand our own mortality and that our time on this Planet is greatly limited. Somehow we created an excruciating bond with our bodies which meant that death was not welcomed nor accepted. For most people on the Planet, the sorrow associated with this inescapable fact (death) was mitigated, at least to some degree by the sense of a persisting connection with the Source, the potential ecstasy and fulfilment of that relationship and the conviction that there was something - spirit, soul, psyche, or consciousness that was eternal and would survive the body and return to the source after its death (Mack 1999).

This need to escape death became an obsession for mankind, the need to hang on the detoriating body, which in deed has led to some great issues. The invention of science and medicine has prolonged the human life, has led to a staggering growth of the human population. We have successfully become the largest biomass on this Planet. At the same time we have created increasingly efficient methods for taking precious, nonrenewable materials from our Earth. As a result we have begun to exceed our energy recourses, and by expelling into the air, land and water the poisonous by-products of our consumption that we have not found a way to get rid of safety, we are killing many of the planets life forms, and the planet itself. (Mack 1999).

Our way of life has become based on material led domains which has improved the standard of living considerably but it does come with a price, the expectation for a better life of people is based on the requirement of consumption of ever more physical goods per person is putting the pressure on the Earth’s fragile environment. Human kind is now caught in a vicious spiral. The loss of our relationship with Nature and Source or Energy instills in us a great longing whose roots are not understood (Huxley 1972; Tarnas 1991; Almass 1987, 1989) So we turn to one or another form of addiction and to the increased consumption of material goods to fill the hole within us that this spiritual bankruptcy has brought about (Mack 1999).

So what is the general message we receive from the Extraterrestrials?

Here is what most abductees or experiences are telling us. Upon meeting the ‘greys’ with big eyes, and slender bodies, they were terrified, quickly they learned that these beings are not here to hurt us, in fact the opposite they are here to warn us, to help us. The abductees often reported of seeing mental or telaphatic images of the Earth burning, and our Planet coming to destruct. They report vivid images that left them in a state of shock. Most abductees return with a sense of ‘renewed’ spirit, as if all of the cells in their body is renewed and they have a vibrational energy that non-abductees do not feel. They vibe on a difference frequency which allows them to see the future of the Planet, which has inspired them to do something about it. Being a voice for green energy or teaching ancient medicine methods such as shamanism. A lot of the abductees became spiritual leaders or Earth advocates.

There may be people perceiving this information with complete defusing or as a ‘joke’ or fiction. But I can tell you this, we may not have concrete evidence of the experiencers testimonies but we do have a group of people from all over the world who in a time of no internet or World Wide Web managed to tell a story individually that is coherent. And that in itself is worth listening to.

The purpose of this blog is take a lesson that we are not the only life form in this universe and as we learn from our ancestors we should learn from those afar. Our planet needs our help, and the painful thing is, the study conducted by Dr Mack was completed in 1999, which started in 1989, we are now 30 years plus on and we have gotten worse, the planet is in a state of emergency as evident in the recent pandemic.

The following paragraph is from Dr J E Mack;

‘’In the end, the abduction phenomenon seems to me to be a part of the shift in consciousness that is collapsing duality and enabling us to see that we are connected beyond the Earth at a cosmic level. No common enemy will unite us, but realisation of a common Source might. Our notion of the Divine, like everything else, seem to grow along with the evolution of our consciousness. We no longer expect an Old Testament God/bully that will part the seas and bring us where we need to go. Nor is it likely that a messiah/ savior will lead us into the Divine Light. For that light, we are learning from phenomena like the one in this book (Passport to the Cosmos, Mack 1999) and from near death and out of body experiences, is an eternal part of ourselves and the essence of all creation. The creative principle is within us, not without- us it cannot befall us. As Bernado Peixoto discovered in a shattering realisation, it is nowhere and everywhere’

Dr Mack writes in his final paragraph that this abduction phenomenon is largely an opportunity or a gift to learn and expand our consciousness in direction of responsibly to ourselves and the planet.

In my previous blogs I have written about how to go Zero Waste, and How to create a compost, take advantage of these free guides and make the change today. The universe needs our planet, our children need our planet and frankly.. there is no Planet B.

Love the Earth Today.

The Earth Healer

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