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Compassion & why it's the most important Human Trait

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Have you ever wondered, what the difference is between humankind to the rest of the Animal Kingdom despite the cognitive intelligence? If we all eat, sleep, drink and protect our young, aren’t we distinctly the same?

There is one trait, that differentiate us humans from the rest of the Animal Kingdom and that is the ability to feel compassion.

Compassion is what drives us to help others, compassion is what creates empathy, patience and understanding. Compassion is what can give us ultimate freedom from suffering through karma or causation and effect.

Compassion is the ability to put yourself in someone else’s position and feel their pain and suffering, and therefore acting in such a way that would only benefit the other person. Such as veganism. Being vegan is having invoked the compassion within yourself to feel and understand the pain an animal felt and went through that eventually led to his death, and it’s making the decision to stop funding such industry, as consumerism creates and funds such a catastrophic strategy.

I quite like this little story that someone once told me; a man sees a snake burning in a fire, he sticks his hand in to save the snake, but the snake out of fear bites him, the man says OUCH! And then immediately proceeds to save the snake again. Another man watching the whole ordeal says to him; why are you trying to save a snake that just bit you? The man replies; because it is in the nature of the snake to bite, but it is in my nature to help.

I love how this story illustrates the human empathy, and our first initial reaction of providing assistance. This is why our young men and women coming back from war suffer from mental illnesses such as PTSD, we are not meant to be this violent, we are meant to be helpful to one another.

Slaughter house workers also suffer from many illnesses such as PTSD, and other gastrointestinal diseases due to the exposure of fresh blood and corpses of animals.

It is deeply rooted in our system to feel compassion, we may have lost it over the years when we started argriculture or farming, as we then suddenly started to “own” or possess land, and felt the need to protect it from others. This created a sense of violence that we never had before.

The infrastructure of society slowly became the strong taking advantage of the weak. Suddenly money seems more important than human conditions, suddenly social status is more important than human treatment. Our egos are boosted and bombarded with advertisement of why we need the newest iPhone, or the newest car. We are constantly reminded by society that we need more..and more and more. and sometimes in the midst of getting this ''more'' we forget who we truly are.

Along the way, we forgot what our true existence consists of; compassion.

We need to remember, re-evaluate and re-start our thinking and our way of life.

Because ultimately compassion IS the only way that we can free ourselves from the shackles of pain and suffering of this life.

Compassion will create karmic rhythm.

“What goes around, comes around”

Is the phrase we hear a lot. Well that’s because it’s true. What we do ultimately will be done to us either in the same form or different situation. But if we cause pain, pain will be caused to us. Karma is not a superstition, Karma is the Law of the Universe. The true nature of nature of existence. For instance we cause pain to animals by forced slavery and killing, then we eat them.. and what happens? We suffer from heart attacks, high blood pressure, strokes and the list will go on... after all it is a proven scientific fact that animal proteins are the cause of many many illnesses.

But it is not just abstaining from physical harm that constitutes as Compassion, but also words and behaviours.

Don’t let others dictate your behaviour

When someone is horrible to you, unfair or unjust, reacting with anger or revengefulness, means that you allowed the other person to dictate how you act and who you are.

Don’t give someone this power. Don’t give them the power to determine your actions. Act with compassion at all times. Keep your head high and trust the universe for your karmic rhythm to provide exactly what you deserve. In law there is a phrase that says ''you must ask the court for help with clean hands'' this perfectly illustrates that one must be good in order to ask for a wrong to be corrected. Karma is the Law of the Universe. One must Act, Do and Speak good in order to receive good.

Meditate on invoking the compassion in you, and forever act in such a way that self interest is never your priority.

Imagine if we all did this? Imagine every single person in the entire world, all 7.2 billion of us, living and acting for the sake of others. Wouldn’t the world be beautiful?

Be the change you like to see in the world.

Be nurturing, be loving, be accepting, be welcoming.

Be compassionate.

The Earth Healer

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