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How important is diet when it comes to healing?

Happy Spring everybody, the weather in the last few days have been fantastic and a lot of people have been eating green salads due to the lovely sunshine, every restaurants I been too I noticed most ordering a nice salad, which prompted me to think about how the weather effects us and our dietary but also how important diet is during the times of illness.

So I decided to write a blog on how important ones diet is when it comes to healing of any form whether it is emotional or physical healing. As a medical herbalist and a PhD Doctorate candidate of Herbal Medicine and Pathology I have noticed throughout the course of treating patients that many don’t associate what they eat with their illness. It is a shame that GPs do not get a formal training in nutrition as nutrition and our diets have a contribution of 90% of responsibility directly to our health.

When the body doesn’t receive the adequate nutrition of any form may that be Vitamin A or Enzymes, organs suffer, the body is then forced to cut down on whichever organ is causing too much excavation of nutrition or energy, such as the thyroid or stomach. Lets take the stomach as an example, the stomachs job is to sort out the food you swallow and take what is beneficial nutrition to the body and send the rest to the large intestine to process it into faeces and from there it gets sent to the colon. Now when the body isn’t consuming enough enzymes through uncooked vegetables and fruits the body doesn’t have enough labourers (enzymes) to carry out this important function, so it only takes half the nutrition of the food you just ate, and only delivering half the nutrition to the vital organs resulting in only half functioning of said organs such as the eyes; only half the vision, the liver only half the filtering.

But let’s not forget the muscles, imagine if you are actually much stronger than you currently are. Imagine that you could run faster and longer than you are right now, because muscle functioning and muscle mass is now halved due to lack of nutrition and enzymes. The body like all other animals needs sufficient nutrition to be at its best, and most of us aren’t aware that we are not actually at our best, we are only functioning 50/60% of our ability. Our memory and access to our subconsciousness is also crucial to our existence and yet we aren’t able to use its full potential because we are continuously eating the wrong foods.

So what is the right foods?

The foods we should be eating should be mostly raw and fresh, so we can eat the full nutrition and enzymes, such as broccoli, carrots, asparagus, cabbages. Now I know it is not doable to eat this amount of food raw cause it doesn’t taste nice, but you know what you could do alongside of your normal diet…drum roll please…. JUICE! Yes grab yourself a juicer and juice the veg and the truth is when you do a juice it is only half a glass of juice, you can shot that down in the beginning of your day to fully receive the benefits of the nutrition throughout the day. When you start juicing you will notice your eye sight, muscle mass, memory and even breathing is much more efficient, easier and stronger.

When you are consuming raw foods through juicing, you give your body the tools that it needs to combat an illness, whether that be emotional or physical. Yes juicing does help with depression and anxiety too.

Now that doesn’t mean you can eat 5 steaks a day and 4 fried bacon strips, alongside of juicing, it is healthy to eat more plant based foods, I mean why stop at juicing? Why not go all the way in and be the best human you can be? For your body, your mental health, your loved ones and even the planet! Eating more plant based foods, allows your body to eliminate waste easier, think better, be more efficient in your work, hobbies and even in the bedroom! It is evident from my time in the clinic that a lot of men suffer from erectile dysfunction due to the fats in their system and their lymphatic system suffering and blood supply and blood building as a result has become deficient in its functioning. Plant based foods help clear out the system of the fats, clearing the arteries, allowing blood to be rebuilt making nutrition easier to be delivered and start to reverse ED.

Want to go plant based and detox for a while but don’t know how?

Book a nutrition consultation with me where you will be given a 4 week nutritional plan that is suited to you as well as guidance on exercise and even Herbal Medicine for only €85 all in excluding the herbal medications.

Visit for more information.

Thank you for reading, now go on, be the best human you can be!

The Earth Healer

Changing the world once Juice at a time

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