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Is Love the Portal between Life and Consciousness?

A connection between two people can sometimes be so strong that is felt in different dimensions, and even on a spiritual level. Sometimes you meet someone who you personally feel within your soul. Without them your soul feel restless, your heart beats to weakly and your vision dampens to shadows of colours.

It is perfectly possible to meet someone and absolutely and devastatingly feel connected to them as if they are half of who you are and your half has been missing. Here is the tricky part, most of us walk around not knowing we aren’t the ‘full’ person yet, that is, not until you meet the person who completes you.

We talk about love as if it’s lust, excitement almost a drug fuelled synopsis, but when we are fortunate enough to experience love in its entirety, it is rather awakening, it’s a shocking revelation of consciousness that suddenly lifts the shades of reality, fuelling the inner buddha to be motivated for its quest, well that is with the right person and the right state of mind.

Art work by Alex Grey - perfectly illustrates in one image the connection between two souls

The connection between the two raw souls act like an anti-gravity magnetic force drawing both souls upwards into the wider consciousness of the universe. The journey doesn’t feel frightening because you are no longer on your own. The two souls begin their journey on two different planes, one on the earthly plane with earthly possessions and the other in the energetic field on a frequency only the two souls feel.

Some quests are set to be done alone, and some quests are set to be done as a partnership. Buddha said that married couples can reach enlightenment together, thus some quests are to be completed within its vows.

The universe has a mysterious way of bringing you just what you need exactly at a time when you need it, even if you didn’t know you needed it. It is always wise to accept the gift with grace and allow yourself to be pulled up within the walls of love to the plane of consciousness.

Perhaps Love is the first step of an awakening and first step to freedom, a freedom you didn’t know existed, to a reality that you couldn’t dream of in your wildest dream.

Perhaps Love is deeply rooted into our existence as humans and as spiritual beings and is the portal between Life and Consciousness.

-The Earth Healer

-Changing the world one blog at a time

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Unknown member
Sep 14, 2021

Beautifully written 🙏🏾✨❤

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