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Little Natural Healing Protocols anyone can do at home!

When we hear natural healing we always think of herbal medicine, but that is not the only type of natural healing one can do to promote over all well being.

The body and mind respond to easy methods that stimulate the body to work better, for instance dry skin brushing helps to open the skin pores and eliminate waste through the skin as well exfoliating the dead skin cells of the surface of the skin, allowing fresh oxygen to be received by the body.

Little methods like the above go along way with healing the body, especially and I mean ESPECIALLY when done with mindfulness. Mindfulness is living in the moment, the here and now, being absolutely aware of yourself from the tips of your fingers to the tops of your toes. Being aware of the movement of the body, the breath and being aware of your emotions. For instance, if you are sitting be aware that you are sitting, hear and feel your heartbeat and observe your breath. All these little observations bring your mind & soul directly into your body and brings peace and joy into your environment.

Below are some natural healing protocols you can safely do at home today!


therapy with warm or cold water to relieve multiple symptoms especially pain. Originated in Ancient Greece where Hippocrates documented his early use and called it hydropathy.

During this time across the globe hydrotherapy was being practised by many cultures

including Ancient Chinese, Roman and Egyptian civilisations. Hydrotherapy was first

introduced to the West in 1940s to treat pain and minor discomforts with cold and hot water


One brilliant hydrotherapy is cold showers! Cold showers kick starts the immune system and promotes fat burning! Even jumping in the cold sea for a few minutes is considered hydrotherapy.

A warm foot bath to relieve symptoms of pain and aches in lower leg especially with restless leg syndrome issues. Hand baths for joint pains in wrists also work a treat! Please remember all natural healing gets more accomplished when combined with mindfulness.


An rectal injections of fluid normally lukewarm water to stimulate the bowel to

empty itself. This method origination is perfectly explained by Dr Doyle ‘’ Legend has it that

Man recognised that cleansing fluids could be inserted into the rectum by watching the sacred Ibis in Egypt. It was seen to take up water in its beak, so curved that it could insert it into its anus to clean out decaying material. The word ‘enema’ is said to have come from a Greek word meaning ‘I throw it in’,

Enemas are a fantastic way to help the colon release toxic waste that is held in the colon walls, especially for those that consume meat, cleansing the colon will assist an overall well functioning of the body. But we know that this is rather scary, I mean inserting anything in the rectum is scary! So don’t worry if this isn’t your thing, you can always come see us for some natural herbal laxatives to promote same.

Skin Brushing

The use of a brush to gently stroke the skin towards the heart which stimulates the skin pores to open up and breath as well expel any toxic waste held within the skin pores. Skin brushing also adds to the stimulation of the circulation associated with lung, stomach and liver meridians. This method originated 5000 years ago in ancient India as form of Ayurveda practises of healing. Although it originated in India it did however spread across Ancient China, Rome and Egypt.

Make sure to brush the skin towards the heart in mindfulness, observe every inch of your skin and fully feel the sensation. Start with the arms, neck back and chest work your way down. Take this time to connect with your beautiful body.