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Modern Medicine relies on Atomism and dismisses Vitalism- which is why the system is failing

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

The scientific revolution contained two relatively independent developments that should have joined forces, the Vitalist view, and the Atomist view. Both of which contain crucial knowledge to advance human understanding of the medical field.

This article will articulate the definition of Vitalism and Atomism both which in detail of theory and origin and the second part of the article will outline its practical theory with supporting cases, in both spiritual and physical level of application, and how the application thereof may or may not have any, if all, effects on the approach of healing between healer and their respective patients.

Vitalism is a key philosophical root of naturopathic medicine held at a worldview, dating back to indigenous tribal roots such as ancient native American Shamanism, Ancient Chinese methods, the Ayurvedic tradition and Indian Hinduism belief system. Vitalism is the belief that the energetic field, or spiritual realm has an important role to play in the healing of the terrain.

One philosopher Aristotle explained the nature of life being fundamentally controlled by a vital force, peculiar to living organisms and differ from other forces outside of the living beings, this force, as Aristotle described, was to assist in formation, development and direction of activities for the organisms.

Vitalism is an integral part of naturopathic paradigm and the foundation of all the underlying principles thereof. Vitalism is a doctrine that life originates in a vital principle which is in differ from chemical and other forces, where a vital force is operating in the living organism and that this cannot be reduced or outlined simply by chemical or physical components, or physicochemical forces, and therefore is somewhat self-determined.

Bruce Lipton described in his book the Biology of Belief; that Atoms are made out of energy, inside of an atom there is no physical attributes, thus if atoms make up molecules, molecules make up cells, cells make up tissues and so on to eventually making humans, then surely the human race is fundamentally constructed out of energy. This explanation is the crucial link between Biomedicine and Naturopathic Medicine, the energetic field that exists within an atom is not the only place it exists, rather it is the vital principle.

Atomists on the other hand determined that all existence is as a result of combination of atoms and the void or empty space. Atomism dates back to 5th century BC where Greek atomists, including Democritus, Epicurus, and Lucretius, who existed at the same time as Aristotle, hypothesized that matter was composed of minuscule, uncuttable objects referred to as atoms which are then packed into a space referred to as void.

Democritus expressed that if there was no void all atoms would be connected and no change or movement would be possible. Atomists deny the need for qualitatively irreducible faculties or power employed by Nature to produce beneficial results and believe with conviction their result of mechanical thinking thus separating the energetic field or vital force and the physical plane made of cluster of atoms.

Modern medical field treats patients as if patients do not have spirits or minds, and if they do they are of non-relevance to the terrain, and so are treated somewhat mechanically as if they are all machines. There are a number of evidences that prove human beings are more than mechanical cluster of atoms such as the study of Dr Rick Strassman who studied the effects of DMT and concluded that DMT, that is produced by the Pineal Gland twice in one’s life at the time of birth and death, is actually the spirit molecule; the molecule that keeps the spirit to the body.

Another study is the study of the Placebo effect. Where researchers showed that patients that were given sugar pills also showed signs of healing. Another study carried out by Michela Perego Ph.D suggests that there is a link between stress causing a chain reaction for dormant cancer cells re-grow into tumour in a surviving cancer patient. All studies resulting in that we are spiritual beings with physical bodies and minds that have effects on the terrain, after all isn’t the phrase mind over matter a true reflection?

The mind of a human is the portal between the energetic field or spiritual realm; the level of understanding between the two worlds depends on one’s conscious ability; one may call this consciousness. One aspect of consciousness is best described by the work of one Rupert Sheldrake a British biologist who provided a theory which he calls Morphic Fields; morphic resonance, similar forms (morphs, or "fields of information") reverberate and exchange information within a universal life force; "Natural systems, such as termite colonies, or pigeons, or orchid plants, or insulin molecules, inherit a collective memory from all previous things of their kind, however far away they were and however long ago they existed,"

Sheldrake study proved that there is such a thing called ‘’collective consciousness’ or as he calls it Morphic Field, this collective consciousness is almost like a cloud that one can dispatch information too and receive information from and the quantity of information and the level of access depends on one’s ability of consciousness.

Consciousness isn’t just access to the Morphic Field, rather it is access to the information held by the entire universe. The minds of human beings are the access point, our level of consciousness is the gateway to who we are, where we have come from and where we are going, as we are the only species living with amnesia, otherwise unknown where we are from and where we are going.

Thus the level of consciousness one has, has a profound impact on one’s health, and in ones’ ability to treat respective patients. In order to start with the view of vitality in treatment of patients one must first themselves achieve a level of consciousness that allows for the healer to be able to treat the patient to the standard of physical and spiritual unity. The components of Vitalism being energy, vital force, the unseen essence, thought, emotion or the quantum field, are all accessible through the portal of human consciousness.

In conclusion, Vitalism is the crucial part of a healer treating a patient because it comes from a place of compassion and the ability to realise it is not just one’s physical habitual that is the cause of an illness, it is the mind set and one’s ability to respond to mental health as our mental state or minds are the portal between the physical and spiritual world and all involving the mind; thoughts and subsequent emotions are all causative to our physical terrain. For an Atomist to treat a patient without the components of vitality is like trying to fix a computers’ software without the computer being switched on. Treating the shell without the internal part or element is only half the job. To be a healer one must heal and not just treat symptoms of an illness but rather treat the cause of the illnesses and subsequently the terrain as a whole.

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