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Struggling to go Plant-Based? Questions Answered by a Medical Herbalist & Nutritionist

How can I get enough protein?

There are plenty of proteins in plants foods, such as beans, legumes, grains, seeds, nuts and of course vegetables. It is a common myth for some to think that protein only comes from animal derived products, but if we stop to think about it; where do the animals get it from? Moreover, if we look at what protein actually is; amino acids then we realise actually what our bodies really needs is amino acids. The body spends more time breaking down the protein in order to get to the amino acids, whereas if we were to eat amino acids directly we cut the digestion time in half. So basically, we cut out the middle man (the protein) and go straight to the source of what our body wanted in the first place the amino-acids.

It’s important to recognise that animal protein is harming the body, yes it does give the body protein but it isn’t all that animal protein gives; high cholesterol, unhealthy fats, illnesses such as cancer, clogged arteries, and even cardiovascular problems are caused by animal proteins. Not to mention the horror inflicted on the animals before and during slaughter causes animals to rush idrialine hormones across their body and of course this hormone is then imbedded into the meat which we then consume in our bodies.

How can I get enough calcium?

We have been told since we were young that we need milk for strong bones, reality is that we are the only species consuming baby food in our adulthood. And milk doesn’t give us calcium or strong bones, in fact it causes arthritis and osteoporosis amongst other illnesses. When we look in the wild, we see no animal with those diseases, and I’m not talking about domestic animals as they are fed human controlled products, I’m talking about the lions and tigers, elephants and giraffes; none of them suffer with illnesses that we do. Calcium can be consumed in green vegetables especially leafy green such as spinach, okra, cabbage, broccoli. But also in tofu, tahini and soya derived products.

When we look at other animals, we don’t see a dog drinking cows milk, or a lion drinking a rabbits milk, so why do humans drink another species milk? But also why cows milk? Why not dogs milk? Or cats milk? It is an odd behaviour for any human being to consume another species baby food. We are neither a baby or much less a baby cow, so when we consume this baby food our bodies think we are growing, so it produces growth hormones, and of course you are not growing so where does this growth hormone go? Well it becomes excess hormone that the body can’t get rid of so there for the body results in bone mineral loss to compose the hormones. These are just a few issues the body has to deal with under stress or fight or flight response when milk or in fact any animal protein is digested.

If I stop eating carbohydrates will it help me to loose weight?

When it comes to losing weight, one must exercise and physically burn the excess fats, as well as a healthy plant based diet. By simply stop eating a type of foods will not make you lose weight in the long term nor will it be healthy. The body needs carbohydrates for its main fuel source. It is important to consume carbs to feed the vital organs including the brain, central nervous system and kidneys; carbohydrates are considered the food for the brain.

How can I get iron if I do not eat red meat?

Again same as the calcium and protein, iron can be consumed in the same way. When was the last time you went to the doctor with low iron and the doctor send you away to consume red meat? It doesn’t happen, all of our nutritional needs will be provided through a healthy plant based diet. Some foods that contain iron are; dried bean and legumes, dark green leafy vegetables, dried fruits, nuts and seeds. Wholegrain cereals and even bread! Soy based products like Soy Yogurt or Milk also has iron count in it, having a spinach and yogurt desert dish will be full of iron and it will keep you full without feeling sluggish. Consuming healthy foods and by healthy I mean not derived from animal products, it is an act of kindness to our bodies, It will help our bodies heal and keep our minds healthy too.

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