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Three Herbs that will change your life!

Archaeological evidence indicates that the use of herbal medicine dates to Palaeolithic age approximately 60.000 years ago, with the first written evidence of usage of herbal medicine dating back 5000 years ago [1]. Making herbal medicine the ‘original’ medicine, rather than ‘alternative’ medicine. This article will examine the use of three famously & widely used herbal remedies; Yellow Dock, Bayberry and Chamomile. Linking all three of these herbs to usage around the globe indiscriminately in different cultural backgrounds as well as the herbs’ classifications and personality irrespectively.

Yellow Dock

(Rumex Crispus R. obtusiolius; Polygonaceae)


Yellow dock is a powerful alterative as well as tonic, depurative, astringent, cathartic, anti-scorbutic, anti-syphilitic, detergent, anti-scrofulous and nutritive (leaves).

Personality in context of classifications

  • Alteratives

Blood Cleanser, the cleansing of the lymphatic system, and the overcoming of morbid processors.

  • Laxatives

Cleansing of the bowels

  • Tonic

Aids in digestion, permanently increases systematic tone, energy, vigour and strength.

  • Depurative

Purifying agent in general for the terrain

  • Astringent

Dries up mucus in extreme cases

  • Cathartic

Cleanses liver, gall ducts, alimentary canal excrete through bowls (for chamomile, in large quantities)

  • Anti-scorbutic

Prevention of scurvy

  • Anti-syphilitic

Effective against syphilis

  • Detergent

Cleaning, oil dissolving, anti-bacterial

  • Anti-scrofulous

Prevention of Scrofula a condition that causes Tuberculosis

  • Nutritive

Nourishing to the body tissues including vitamins, minerals, and trace elements


Within the Dock family, Yellow Dock is considered the most useful in terms of medicinal properties. Due to the roots of Yellow Dock containing in excess of 40% iron compounds it has earned its’ name as one of the best blood builders in the natural world. As well as blood building it also purifies the blood and aids in the lymphatic system.

Medicinal Conditions Bayberry can be used for;

  • Skin disorders

  • Running ears

  • Syphilis

  • Skin eruptions

  • Glandular Tumours

  • Liver Congestion

  • Scorbutic Disease

  • Swellings

  • Biliousness

  • Scorbutic

  • Leprosy

  • Ulcerated Eyelids

  • Cancer

  • Itch

  • Sour Stomach