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What Is Your Purpose?

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

We human beings are born with a level of intelligence that is not present in our fellow species. This intelligence gives us the comprehension of purpose, our ability to questions everything is what has given us the motivation to seek for answers, answers create knowledge and knowledge feeds our cognitive intelligence.

As a result of our forever driven need to find answers, we question our own existence, and our own purpose. In many monotheistic religions a believers’ purpose is to satisfy their God i.e Allah, Jahova, or Christ. But as the ages have passed less and less people feel the need for a religion as it becomes a distant ideology and a shift of consciousness is happening, where majority of the world’s population is now starting to revert to the universe as a whole and recognising perhaps a unity within our universe thus a universal consciousness ; which is a shift that is taking Planet Earth on a new frequency.

So what is your purpose?

Humanities purpose as a whole is Love, we are here on this plane to experience love and experience the human life in its’ entirety and in its’ limits. But we do have individual purposes, now this purpose is something that is to be found and revealed in privacy of the walkers path, meaning you are the only person who can find your own answers; your own purpose on your own journey.

For many people the purpose of their existence was to bear children and raise a family, however with the recent climate crises and environmental over population it is safe to say this purpose is no longer needed in fact it is an act of war on Earth to keep procreating.

So what is your purpose? Let me tell you what my purpose is, and how I found it. I started my journey of my career in Law, as a normal young 20s something I did the entire walk of Law school, buying a house, getting a career in the legal field, but years passed and I never found happiness or contentment within my life. No matter how much money I made or how much ‘stuff’ I bought, the void in me was still there. There was a moment in my life where I was introduced to a vegan, who planted a seed of consciousness in me, this seed grew and became my entire life change tree, where I became vegan and it fuelled the fire in my stomach for the search of my purpose, little by little I started to fill the void by going down the route of meditation and yoga practise, veganism and charitable volunteering which started to create an environment of healing for my soul. Finally 6 years later, I found my purpose in Herbal Medicine and Reiki practice, where I learned my place on this Earth is to be a healer. That is where the void disappears and my life accrues value.

A friend of mine told me his story of how he found his purpose on this plane, after him going to University, as I did, following a route that he thought was what he was ought to do, he also graduated landed in a job where he was miserable. Then one day he had a chance to rescue an animal. When he drove and picked up the dog, the void in him started to heal, he knew from that moment onwards he needed to be in a place to help animals. Now the same friend runs an animal sanctuary with countless animals and has many generous donations to keep him going. His void is whole. He frequently tells me how his heart feels its’ importance with every beat, meaning he is using his body to create good in a world of pain. I can always feel his happiness and his contentment in his voice. I can definitely tell the difference between his old self and his newly found self. He glows when he talks about his purpose and that is something I wish for everyone to find.

I always thought that the void in me is because I was single, or that the lack of ‘the’ connection with another human being on a deeper level is what the void in me was the cause thereof. But actually, the void in me was because I wasn’t fulfilling my purpose, the ‘why’ of my existence wasn’t answered and as a creature of intelligence fuelled with questions, lack of answers causes voids, emptiness, creating a chase in materialistic possessions to have temporary relief.

Once I had found my purpose, life wasn’t just fulfilled, the core of my existence was in harmony. Any and all anxiety I had felt was relieved and was replaced with excitement.

The journey of finding your purpose is a solitary one, and sometimes it is lonely and sometimes you find yourself going down the wrong path, the good news is, you have to get lost to be found. Taking wrong turns is part of finding your purpose and that’s okay, because we are not in a competition with anyone else, if you are 40, 50, 60, 70 or even a 100 years old, it is never too late, even if you fulfilled your purpose for one day, you have have lived a full life.

I hope this blog inspires you to find what feeds your soul and calms your heart.

The Earth Healer

Making a change in the world one blog at a time

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