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Why a VW Camper-van isn’t just a ‘van’

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

If you are here reading this, the likeness is your thinking about buying (or already have) a sweet little hippie bus and defy social standards and be a rebel against the system travel our Green Earth and live freely or well… you might just like camping!

We are conditioned to always comform, to our parents wishes, to the school and then finally to the system. But there are a small minority of us, who take a step back and realise that is not what life is about. Life isn’t about studying, working, getting married, raising kids and then finally dying and spending every dime you have in between.

Life is about learning. Learning, digesting, creating and loving. But how can we learn sitting at a desk 40-50 hours a week between four walls? How can we learn working away our youth? There has to be a balance where our true joyful soul nature is satisfied and being fed to flourish. Back in 2015 is where I realised my wondering feet were never meant to stay in one place. Buying the VW Campervan wasn’t just an experience, wasn’t just a van or transportation it was my freedom. I bought my freedom.

Being able to drive anywhere at anytime, park and have my bed nearby was practically every siesta’s lover dream. Now I must say, I don’t live in my van, which might be quite contradictory to the above paragraph, and nor did I quit my job, instead I created a balance where my soul is free and my body provides enough for the soul to be free.

So what’s it really like?

I often tell people we are a small version of the entire earth and there is nothing to make you feel like home more than Mountains, Seas and Forests. Every element of DNA in your system is found on this Earth on its' most joyous locations. Cities and shops are not the places your heart grows, in fact that’s where your spirit shrinks into the deep programmed capitalist dream, falling into the trap of buying and buying and buying and forever buying the next best thing. But nature on the other hand, wants nothing but respect and love.

Here what it is like, driving for hours with all the friendly faces pointing to your van, and waving with cheery faces, some pensioners smiling remembering the Woodstock festival. Others look in awe at the van driving past them wishing they were in there with you. At every station you stop, people come up to you wanting to know more about you, want to see the van and wanting to experience through your words a glimpse of the free life.

When you come to a stop near the river or lake,

you popped the roof up, put the chairs out, start the campfire and sit back to reflect on the beauty of Mother Nature. The hectics of the past week is slowly drifting away with the grey clouds, clearing the sky to rays of sunshine. You find yourself in a place of bliss, in a melody of peace. A place you can call home for as long as you park there.

And that ladies and gentlemen is what life is all about.

Happy Camping!

The Earth Healer

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