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Coming back from a festival and feeling depressed, abandoned and deflated? Here is why…

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Unlike popular belief, drugs are not the cause of feeling down after a festival, I mean we have all been there, haven’t we, where we have this amazing time in a field, walking around talking to people who seem to be in the same energetic wavelength to us, sharing this thirst for embracing and loving Nature, the outdoors, music and freedom.

Being in a place where you can be muddy and experiencing natural earth given psychedelics, dancing until the sun comes up, and hugging every stranger back to your tent or Campervan.

We feel alive, we feel loved, we feel accepted and above all we feel grounded…but why?

Here is why, originally humans did not live in societies, they lived in tribes, we lived harmoniously within nature, nature provided us all we needed, water, food and shelter. We all looked the same and material possessions weren’t something we were concerned with. We shared love, an open fire, and a sense of community.

There was no competition but team work and team effort. Everyone was housed and everyone was cared for.

Now we live in the society that oppresses our natural instinct of wanting to live free of judgement and free of possessions in a happy state of existence without the need of any but the basic necessities; air, water, earth, fire and love.

Well a festival, especially a non-organised festival by that I mean a festivals where there isn’t a heavy police presence better known as a consciousness festival, one where Babylon rules are kept out where it belongs, is what we need. Where everyone is gone back to the roots of Mother Earth, with love & intention to create, love, sing, dance and take psychedelics to reach closer to spirit.

In a world that tells us that hugging is wrong, shaking hands is wrong and we have to stand 2 meters apart from each other, a consciousness festival is an escape to the real reality most of us live within our small communities of spiritual consciousness.

So when you are stepping into a place of heaven on earth. Created with the vibration of pure positive energy it feels unreal, it fills a void that you have been experiencing, it grounds you and most of all it heals you.

And it reminds you that you are not alone, there are others who are just like you, eager to go back to simpler times.

So when you leave the place that you so heavily belong in, and return to the dark grey matrix that we call ‘normal life’ your psyche or spirit feels home sick. And that’s where we feel down and depressed because todays world, todays life, todays society IS NOT NATURAL FOR THE HUMAN SPIRIT.

Todays society has bankrupt us from our spiritual abilities, our higher vibrational consciousness and our completeness.

Yes I said it, and I will say it again; no IFS not BUTS no Coconuts!

Todays world, is an endurance until we meet again, in the field, my friends, with muddy shoes and happy faces, we will pass around a herbal smoke and hug, because no one has the power to take us apart -but the inability to find our tents cause we had one too many tokes on the Jeffrey!

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