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Why we all must live by the Principle of Non-Harm

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Coming from a Buddhist background, one thing you learn throughout the years is that harming in any from creates bad karma, and so the most crucial act for a Buddhist is to follow the principle of Non-Harm. But what exactly does that entail? Well before we can dive into the principle lets define what ‘Harm’ means in its’ broader sense.

Definition of ‘Harm’

When hearing the word ‘harm’ most people automatically think of physical harm like a bodily injury, but actually harm means any type of injury/damage to a person/being either by mental health, bodily health, financial health or even emotional health.

The other miss concept people associate with when it comes to harm is ‘harm’ to only other humans, where actually we are talking in its’ entirety which means harm against the planet, animals, insects, the sea, the neighbours, the sky, the air…the list goes on.

So what does it mean to live by this principle?

To live by the principle one must have compassion for all, and not just humans, compassion for all even the planet itself. On a daily basis we must consider not to squash a bug, or consciously opt out of the use of single use plastic, or talking behind someone else’s back.

One must consider every action on a daily basis, even their own thoughts to make sure it is neither contributing nor in the process of causing harm. For instance, if Amazon accidently sends you two packages it is wise and honest to return the accidental package, as the second unpaid package is causing someone, somewhere financial harm, regardless of how rich or well off Amazon is, that is not our business, we can not justify harm by someone else’s position.

Practising Yoga is a great way to seek clarity and closure to

Nature and activating the principle of Non-Harm in your life

The concept of this principle causes self awareness and awareness of a unified consciousness. It is vital for a Buddhist or a Principle of Non-Harm follower to live in a such a way that even their diet does not cause harm; Veganism is the only way to directly appease this principle. Being vegan is the ultimate act of compassion towards other sentient beings, beings whom love, fear and nurture their young just like us humans. All beings including a spider or a fly has the eagerness of survival. We all experience fear in one way or another when faced with danger, so it is only fair to conclude that we all are in the same boat on this planet trying to survive and rear and protect our young.

Meditating on the Non Harm principle is a great way to start the day, reminding yourself that honesty and integrity is the most important self trait to have followed closely after compassion. Compassion is the ultimate selfless act that enriches one’s life. Compassion allows one’s consciousness to expand by putting themselves in someone else’s shoes and feel what they would be feeling thus then acting according to accommodate minimisation of suffering in some way.

In a world where we have lost touch with nature, lost touch with who we are as humans, it is vital that we follow our only left trait that can bring us back to our original source and bring an end to spiritual bankruptcy.

If you like to learn about meditation please click here.

Be Kind, Be loving, Be a Healer.

-The Earth Healer

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